Picture post: Tea Party!

The weather was so pretty on Saturday, it was perfect for the tea party. We held the gathering at my mothers house, my childhood home.

The first course was broccoli and cheese soup with cucumber, pecan and pimiento cheese finger sandwiches. When we asked Mrs. Moneymaker if she had ever had cucumber sandwiches, she replied, "No, but I have read about them in romance novels."

She is adorable.

The second course consisted of a delicious fruited chicken salad with croissant and a baked tomato with cheese and bread crumb toppings. We had fruit, citrus and mint teas.

My mother's sister Pauline.

The lovely Megan. She's my sister-in-law and also a baker. She makes incredible pies and cheesecakes as well as other baked goodies.
Megan and her Momma.

My mother-in-law Gail and I. We have matching hearts.

The dessert course consisted of an iced lemon cookie, petit fours, Oreo truffles, an iced lavender cookie, white chocolate mousse and fruit salad. We may have gone a weensy bit overboard with dessert.

My lovely Mother Katie walking to the greenhouse with her cup of coffee.

Walking in the garden. Uh-oh! Ms. Bobbie spots some beans and other veggies that haven't been picked yet! We all got a lesson on conserving our bounty. We told her that tea parties are supposed to be relaxing, but she still insisted we work in the garden a little.

I mostly picked peppers and okra. I tried to help with the beans but there were too many little yellow bugs hanging around on the leaves. I can't help it. I realize that sounds wimpy but I really hate bugs!!!

Bobbie picking beans.
I just love her. We both like to collect rocks and I love that she starts each sentence with "Well, honey..."

After picking beans, you know what that means... snappin' beans!

My husband's Grandmother, Ruby.

We all had a such great time and really enjoyed each other's company. This would be a great September tradition since the weather is so mild in Tennessee during early Fall. I hope we can do this again next year!

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  1. how incredibly amusing!! Great photos of a lovely time. Your work is amazing. So cute.

    Looking forward to future posts :)

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the nice comment!

  3. I love this! Your family gatherings remind me of my dear friend and former neighbor Miss Robin of VariousandSunday.blogspot.com when she goes to her belle mere's house. I also love your recipes and photography - you have amazing talent. I love to bake (especially pies and cookies) - it always tastes fabulous but never looks this pretty. I will keep trying - you are an inspiration!


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