Glittering Lemon Sandwich Cookies

Last year I came across these in the December issue of Gourmet magazine. They have not left my mind since. Is it the lemony aspect? No, although I do love lemon cookies. Is it the sandwiching of two itty-bitty bite sized cookies? Nice, but not that either. Is it the glittering that makes me have visions of them like sugarplums dancing in my head? Absolutely!

You can imagine my delight when I came across them again in an online article. But wait! What were those little forks beside the picture??

Reviews. And not of the rave sort that I expected. I was underwhelmed. Most people commented that these were fussy, and hard to sandwich because the filling was running and the cookies were sliding off one another. What else was ruining this beautiful cookie dream of mine? Cornstarch. 2/3 cup goes right into the batter. Two or three reviewers said the cornstarch gave them an "off" taste.

So I'm a little bummed until I realize I've never tasted these, nor have I gone through the laborious process of making them as the cookie reviewers had. God bless 'em. Everything I love about these cookies happens to be purely superficial. I'll admit it! I have an eye like a Magpie. But I also have a great basic vanilla bean cookie dough recipe. I have an even better Oreo-type cookie filling designed for sandwiching. All I am missing is a bit of lemon zest, and the one thing that drew me to them in the first place. The glittering sanding sugars. And! To my surprise and delight, they are sold by King Arthur's Flour (a favorite of mine) in many twinkling shades. I have several on order, and cannot wait to make my very own version. I'm crossing my fingers that my version will not only look beautiful, but will also taste much better than the original recipe.

I will post pictures of my version as soon as I can!
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  1. Ok, where's part two of this post?

  2. my mom used to make something similar looking, only she painted them yellow/red and stuck a tiny leaf on top and called em peaches:)

  3. we want an update - were they good with your recipe? if so, what is your recipe??? the glitter is drawing me the same as it did you... I want to know!!!


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