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Monday, April 28, 2014

Marshmallow-Candy Swirl Cake

I've been finding a lot of inspiration at the candy store lately. There's something so wonderful about all those bins of colorful candies - jawbreakers, gummybears and jelly beans (and etcetera) - just looking at them makes me feel happy and energetic. (Or maybe I'm just having a sugar rush. It's hard to say, really.)

My last trip yielded a giant tub of candy necklaces and an extra large package of strawberry-stripe marshmallows called Puffy Poles. The two looked so pretty when I held them together, I felt certain that they would live harmoniously on a candy-inspired cake.

I already had a clear image of what I wanted the cake to look like, so it was just a matter of choosing a cake flavor and putting it all together. The Puffy Poles are really soft and delicious with a pronounced strawberry flavor, and I didn't want to take away from that. I ended up making a simple white cake swirled with pastel color. The frosting is Swiss meringue buttercream - it had to be. It doesn't crust like American buttercream frosting, so you can take your time applying the candies and marshmallows to the sides of the cake.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sriracha-Orange Marmalade Marshmallows

I hope by now you are all well acquainted with the condiment known as Sriracha, but for those who aren't familiar, it's a delicious chili sauce that is sweet, hot and boasts a showy bright red-orange color. If you don't have a bottle in your fridge, you should probably go out and buy some right now. It's that good!

I've used it on everything from sushi to burgers, but never considered using it in sweets until I saw lollipops flavored with Sriracha. I decided to make my own. They were good; sweet at first and then -surprise! a little heat from the peppers made my tongue tingle. 

Sriracha has a bit of garlic in the ingredients, which doesn't exactly play nice in dessert. At first, the garlic flavor was almost non-existent in the lollipops but over the course of a few days it became more developed. For this recipe, I wanted to find a way to temper this element so it didn't show up unexpectedly. Turns out, a good dose of acidity will do the trick. Lemon juice along with sweet Seville orange marmalade neutralizes the garlic but still retains that recognizable sweet-hot flavor that is Sriracha. I really like the fruity orange flavor the marmalade brings to the party, too. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eggnog Cake with Pink Marshmallow Frosting

This week has been filled with holiday songs, gift buying, gingerbread decorating, cake baking and advent calendaring. I'm trying to be fully present in the season despite the unusually warm weather here in East Tennessee.

This cake helped a little with that.
Let your heart be light, dear friends.  And your frosting, too.

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